Wayne Holstein

Wayne joined The Rubber Band as lead vocalist in 1968

He replaced popular female vocalist Mayliu Thomas who had been left the band to entertain American troops serving in Vietnam

Wayne was a welcome addition to the band. He had a great voice and enabled the band to include in their repertoire many popular songs that had not suited their previous lineup featuring a female lead vocalist. Mayliu was popular with the fans and would be missed. Many of her numbers had been mainstays of the band's performances. But in Wayne the group had found a more than adequate replacement.

Wayne was new to the Sydney scene, but would establish himself quickly. His powerful voice could handle a wide range of material. He had an uncanny knack of sounding just like John Lennon, which was great for doing Beatles' material, extremely popular at the time.

Wayne was an all-round musician. He played guitar offstage, was an imaginative blues "harpist" (harmonica player) and a talented songwriter.

Before joining The Rubber Band, Wayne had worked as a guitarist-vocalist in Melbourne and around Newcastle.

The Rubber Band

Wayne Holstein with The Rubber Band c. September 1968. L to r: Ron Miles, Mick Csapo, Wayne (in front), Ray Lynn, Kevin Currie. Taken in the ballroom at Richard Debenham's home in Strathfield.

When Mayliu's contract in Vietnam was finished, she returned to Australia and rejoined The Rubber Band, thus forming the 6-piece lineup, including lead male and female vocalist, which became the hallmark of the band.

The Rubber Band

Wayne performing with The Rubber Band on the SS Himalaya on a South Pacific Cruise in February 1969. L to r: Kevin Currie, Wayne (with microphone), Mayliu Thomas, Ron Miles, Ray Lynn. Mick Csapo is just out of the picture, to the right.

Wayne left the Rubber Band in 1970 to move to the country with his wife, Terri. He still performs and writes songs in the Newcastle area, NSW.

The Rubber Band

Wayne in 2002 with his wife Terri at Richard Debenham's 60th birthday party at his Killara home, Sydney.

Ray Lynn

Detail from Rubber Band publicity photo 1967.